At Crown Woods College we make every effort to keep down the cost of student meals. Unfortunately we have to increase the cost of our meals from £1.90 to £2.00 from 28th April 2014. The increase is due to rising food costs over the last few years.

Three pupils win awards in the London borough of Greenwich young writers competition and are invited to the awards presentation at Waterstones.
KS4 Winner - Nicole Akuezamba
KS4 Runner Up - Nathan Chiciuden
KS3 Runner Up - Ryan Clark
Congratulations to all of the pupils who submitted work.

Important Information – Please see Principal’s Letters to view Academy Status Letter dated 20th December 2013.

Exams - Results 2013
*92% of year 11 achieve 5 A-C grades !
*Best ever Maths results at 75% A*-C grades !
*EBAC doubles to 24% !
*Pupils make better progress than pupils nationally!
*51% of pupils at the college have achieved C grade or better in Maths at the end of Year 10. 10% of the college have achieved A/A* grade in Maths at the end of Year 10.
*47% of pupils at the college have achieved C grade or better in English at the end of Year 10.

Crown Woods College is a school based on the principles of ‘Human Scale Education’.  Pupils learn better in smaller schools, where the curriculum can be more effectively personalised and individual needs met.  The college comprises of four ‘home schools’.  Three are for pupils aged between 11 and 16 and the fourth is our post 16 school.  Each school has a total roll of 450 pupils, its own Head and team of staff ... (more)

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