Humanities Specialist

The Humanities faculty shares subjects in common that aim to open our students' eyes to the world around them. We encourage and develop skills that promote discussion, enquiry, argument and analysis and cover a wide spectrum of world wide and current issues. Pupils receive regular assessment and feedback which ensure we give each pupil immediate and effective support throughout their academic year. Standards and expectations are high. We are proud of the choice and specialism we can offer all our pupils as they progress to their KS5 curriculum.

In June 2005 Crown Woods College became a Specialist
Humanities College. Our additional funding in this area
has been used to raise achievement in a number of ways. 

• Supporting our students in English and History.
• Cross Curricular projects with an international theme.
• Weekly Saturday schools for Year 11 students.
• The creation of a multi media technologies suite.
• Links and partnership projects with schools in Romania, Kenya and China.
• A full programme of community learning.

Small Schooling

The new college is made up of 3 distinct small schools for 11 – 16 called: Ashdown, Delamere & Sherwood. The Post 16 school is called Arden. The schools are serviced by bespoke centres for sport, inclusions, arts and technologies. 

Students are placed in one of three small schools based on aptitude, skills and experiences. The small school model supports every student with a highly personalised curriculum within a strong pastoral structure. Academically gifted students will be stretched through an accelerated curriculum within the small school. Every student has challenging targets set for their academic achievement. The College groups in all subjects by ability.

Schools within schools

All students across the three schools will follow the National Curriculum at KS3 and a range of academic and/or vocational qualifications at KS4. Further details of our current curriculum can be found at the back of this prospectus.

Each student has a tutor who has responsibility for their academic and personal needs.

Each school is supported by a School support officer. Our innovative and creative ‘well being’ programme delivered by tutors daily aims to cover health, well being, personal, learning and thinking skills as well as ethos and student leadership

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